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SHACC Founding Partners

The Surfing Heritage received its first stage funding through its Founding Partners Program. These one hundred individuals helped to get us up and running and to establish our initial programs. Fully subscribed within six months, we will always honor those who shared our vision and stepped up when the risk was greatest, to facilitate the initial growth and development of SHF. Their names appear on a special recognition surfboard located in the lobby of our San Clemente facility (see surfboard image below).

We gratefully acknowledge these, our Founding Partners
(Listed alphabetically)
Fernando Aguerre
Hobie Alter 
Butch Van Artsdalen 
Nick and Terri Bacica
Dick Baker
Larry and Louise Balma
Bob Baugher
Jim and Linda Biram
The Blackburn Family
The Brewer Family
Bruce Brown
Vito, Jo, Lexi, and Tori Cachia
Jon Checkie
Mark Christy
Ed Clapp
Bing Copeland
Bill Crawford
Donnie Crevier
Brad Croul
John V Croul
Gary A. Dapelo
The Dillion Family
Ron DiMenna
Joe and Ellie Dunn
Howard L. Ecker
The Engh Family
Keith Maynard Eshelman
Bob Estes
The Etherton Family
The Feder Family-"Pintail Mike"
Mike Fox
Mark Fragale and Family
Randall French
Michael Gerard
Robert and Robin Gerard
Sam and Teresa Gornto
Louis Graziadio
Don Hansen
Jeffrey M. Harris
The George Hawn Family
David Heath
Randy and Debbie Hild
Phillip “Flippy” Hoffman
Walter Hoffman
Thomas P. Holbrook
John Insinger
Rob Insinger
Mark Kehke
Ed, Mingo, Tal and Wing
Cecil and Mary Lou Lear
Christopher E. Lee
Jay "Sparky" Longley Jr.
Pat Magee
Mike Mann
The Bob Mardian Family
Tony and Carrol Mardian
Mike and Sharon Marshall
The Takuji Masuda Family
John and Robby Mazza
Judy "Jams" McGill
Robert McKnight
Gordon and Lisa Michie
Richard and Vicki Mobley
Dickie Moon
Denny and Sally Moore
Bev Morgan
Paul Naude
Greg Newman and Family
Rich Novak
Sharon and David Olan
The O'Neill Family
The Orbelian Family
The Tom Peck Family
Steve and Debbee Pezman
Dan Pincetich
David Reese
Mahealani & Robert Riley
Thomas and Carrie Rolfes
Peter Rothschild
Jeff Sangster
The Sandy Saxten Family
Wayne Schafer
Ernie Schneider
Ron and Lona Sharp
Ralph Simmonds
Doug Simpson
Curtis K Smith
Earl Smith
Griff Snyder
Larry Stone
James G. and Madeline A. Tabler
The Rob Thibaut Family
Bill and Peggy Thrailkill
George and Nihla Trosset
Joe and Sue Twombly
Dale Velzy
Hank Weeks-in memory of Jack and June Blackburn
Michael T. Whitaker
The Duffy Witmer Family
Charles, Donna and Lauren Wilson
Reynolds "Renny" Yater

Some Members of the Founding Partners have contributed to a new donor campaign
The Founders Club 
Hobie Alter
The Blackburn Family 
Vito, Jo, Lexi, and Tori Cachia 
Jon Checkie
Bing Copeland
Donnie Crevier
Gary A. Dapelo
Joe and Ellie Dunn
Keith Maynard Eshelman
Mark Fragale and Family
Sam and Teresa Gornto
Tom Holbrook
Sharon Marshall and Mike in Spirit Always
Judy "Jams" McGill
Vicki Mobley and Richard "Fox" in Spirit Always
The Tom Peck Family
Dan Pincetich
David Reese
Doug Simpson
Larry Stone
Joe Tabler

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SHACC Sustaining Partners

We gratefully acknowledge our
2015/2016 Sustaining Partners
(Listed alphabetically)

Steve Adler - 1/25/16
Bartlow, Dr. Greg and Jericho Poppler - 03/22/2016
Donnie Crevier - 08/29/2016
The Dillion Family - 11/20/2015
Joe and Ellie Dunn - 03/17/2016
Dane Hantz/Vulcan Surfboards - 08/26/2015
DeVoe, Donald and Susan - 11/12/2015
Dillion, Greg - 11/20/2015
Eshelman, Keith - 11/22/2016
Robert Hendrikson - 04/20/2016
MacGillivray Family Foundation - 12/27/2016
Cecil and Mary Lou Lear - 11/29/2016
Marshall, Sharon - 11/22/2016
Greg Newman - 12/31/2016
Mike Oneil - 8/26/2016
Tom Peck - 11/12/2015
Steve and Debbee Pezman - 11/30/2015
Sam and Sherilyn Scranton - 12/21/2016
Earl Smith - 11/28/2016
Erik Weeks - 11/18/2015
Hank Weeks - 11/18/2015
Mark Weeks - 11/18/2015
Renny Yater - 12/31/2016


Surfing Heritage and Culture Center Circle Members

Surfing Heritage and Culture Center has various levels of support and annual memberships. Your donations are kept track of and will accrue towards these various Circle Level memberships.

We gratefully acknowledge the SHACC Members who have continued to give on an on-going basis to reach the various levels below.
(Listed alphabetically)

Director's Circle Level
($100,000 and above)
Jimmy and Jane Buffett
Spencer and Susan Croul
The Croul Family Foundation
The Hoffman Family
Dick Metz
The Segerstrom Foundation

Heritage Circle Level
($75,000 and above)
The Marshall Family - In Memory of Mike Marshall
Sharon Marshall, in the spirit of Mike

Historian Circle Level
($50,000 and above)
Larry "Surfdog" Manes

Curator's Circle Level
($25,000 and above)
Bill Blackburn
Donnie Crevier
Dunn Family Trust
Robert Hendrikson
John and Robby Mazza
Randy Rarick
Hank Weeks

Benefactor's Circle Level
($10,000 and above)
Fernando Aguerre
Hobie and Susan Alter
The Baker Family
Chuck and Michael Brewer
Bruce Brown
Gordon Clark, Founder of Clark Foam
Bill Crawford
Jack Croul
Donald and Susan DeVoe
The Dillion Family
Keith and Chris Eshelman
Ellen Fales and Randy Roberts
 Louis Graziadio
Don Hansen/Hansen Surfboards
Cecil and Mary Lou Lear
Jay "Sparky" Longley
Bob Mardian
Bev Morgan
Paul Naude
Greg Newman
Tom Peck
Kerry Pedlow and Jennifer Evans
MacGillivray Family Foundation
Steve and Debbee Pezman
Randy Rarick
David Reese
Mahi and Bob Riley
Sandy Saxten
Sam and Sherilyn Scranton
John Singleton
Earl Smith
Hank Weeks
Renny and Sally Yater

Donor's Circle Level
(Material gifts of $10,000 and above)
Mark Arico
Nick Bacica
John Bernards
Art Brewer Photography
Elizabeth Castelli
Ed Clapp
Spencer and Susan Croul
Joe and Ellie Dunn
Herbie Fletcher
Sharlyn Foo
Stephen Gonsalves
Barry Haun
Flippy Hoffman
Tom Holbrook
Greg Huglin
Bob Mardian
Dick Metz
Bev Morgan
Felipe Pomar
Robert Thompson
Janet Tramonte
Steve Wilkings
Vicki Williams
Renny and Sally Yater

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