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SHACC Sustaining Partners

Some of our Founding Partners (and others who missed out on the opportunity to become a Founding Partner), may want to consider becoming a Sustaining Partner by supporting us at this level on an annual basis.

We gratefully acknowledge our
2014/2015 Sustaining Partners
(Listed alphabetically)

Steve Adler - 12/11/2014
Una Baker/The Baker Family - 12/29/2014
Bartlow, Dr. Greg and Jericho Poppler - 01/15/2015
JBruce Brown - 09/12/2014
James and Maria Clark - 02/23/2015
Donnie Crevier - 08/31/2014
Jack Croul - 08/25/2014
The Dillion Family - 12/09/2014
Joe and Ellie Dunn - 02/23/2015
Dane Hantz/Vulcan Surfboards - 08/26/2015
Robert Hendrikson - 03/19/2015
MacGillivray Family Foundation - 09/11/2014
Cecil and Mary Lou Lear - 08/26/2015
Sharon Marshall in Memory of Mike Always - 01/08/2015
John and Robby Mazza - 02/27/2015
Greg Newman - 08/313/2014
Michael O’Neil - 08/25/2014
Tom Peck - 08/28/2014
Steve and Debbee Pezman - 12/12/2014
David Reese - 12/06/2014
Sam and Sherilyn Scranton - 10/30/2014
Earl Smith - 05/12/2015
Erik Weeks - 08/31/2014
Hank Weeks - 08/31/2014
Mark Weeks - 08/31/2014
Renny and Sally Yater - 11/10/2014



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