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Glenn Brumage | Executive Director


Dick Metz Founder and Board Member

Dick Metz, Board Member and Founder of Surfing Heritage, has supplied the vision for the SHF and the initial funding. Central to the mission, Dick has donated his extensive surfboard collection, and bequeathed his estate to Surfing Heritage. Dick, who grew up in Laguna Beach as a buddy of such notables as Hobie Alter, Reynolds Yater, and Hevs McClelland, is himself a pioneering figure in our sport and industry. As the driving force behind Surfline Hawaii and the Hobie Sports retail chain, and as the traveling surfer who cross-pollinated a fledgling South African surf scene with Hobie and Gordon Clark in California, and suggested to Bruce Brown that he film for The Endless Summer in South Africa, Metz has changed the course of surf history. Now, his goal is to preserve it.

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Spencer Croul Co-Founder and Board Member

Spencer Croul, Co-Founder, Board Member of Surfing Heritage, grew up surfing in Newport Beach, California in the early 1970's, bicycling to the beach with surfboard in tow. A San Diego State University graduate in Recreation Administration Management, he earned his Associate of Arts degree at Orange Coast College after graduating from Newport Harbor High School in 1974. He worked 15 years in the private sector as a foam packaging designer and later in the family paint manufacturing business before finding and pursuing his passion as a Surf Culture Preservationist. Bringing foundation management experience to the Surfing Heritage, he also serves on the board of his family's Foundation. He has amassed his own private collection of historical surfing artifacts, and brings not only his collection to the Surfing Heritage but also his vast knowledge in surfing collectibles and surfing history. Presently residing in Newport Beach, California, he is remarried, has two children and continues to surf whenever possible.

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Glenn Brumage Board Member

Glenn Brumage, Surfing Heritage Board Member. Raised on SoCal beaches from Laguna to San Onofre, Glenn developed a deep love of surfing. His professional career has spanned Surf, Sail, and Snowsports retail, Sales and Marketing management, President and CEO at a number of Surf and Skate related companies. For 10yrs he has been driving the development of surfing in China and runs the “Silver Dragon” professional surf contest in Hangzhou every fall.
Today he consults for businesses and mentors young entrepreneurs as well as serving on the board of the trade organization the International Association of Skateboard Companies and Surfing Heritage and Culture Center. 
His connections and efforts were instrumental in convincing the Smithsonian National Museum of American History to accept artifacts that represent the positive impact surfing lifestyle has had on American history and culture as well as the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian celebration of Duke Kahanamoku’s 125th birthday with a traditional water, salt, and hula ceremony.
Glenn is a member of the San Onofre Surf club, surfs “The Point” regularly and is an International Surfing Association level 2 judge.


Randy Taylor Board Member

Randy Taylor (RT) Board Member of Surfing Heritage. Native Californian moved to Dana Point in 1961 and began surfing Doheny and Poche at age 10. Moved to Northern Calif. near Santa Cruz for 9 years, but returned to Southern Cal in 1970 for warmer water and hotter chicks!  Mr. Taylor holds a B1 General Contractor’s license and built homes to sell in the late 70’s, changed career paths and went into Health Care Administration for 11 yrs. In 1998. Mr. Taylor decided to dedicate more time to serving others and began a 19 yr. journey with OC Goodwill of Orange County. RT’s current position is VP of Facilities and Operations. Mr. Taylor holds a BA and Master’s Degree from Columbia Pacific University and currently serves on 3 Boards. He has contributed his time, support and expertise to fundraising events for over 30 years. Mr. Taylor loves the ocean above and below the water, surfing, scuba, fishing, all tropical beaches, golfing and world travel.  


Bill Eddy Board member

Bill ‘Aloha’ Eddy, Board Member. Founder, The EDDY Company, LLC, an international retail real estate consultancy..Providing strategic retail planning, development, merchandising, marketing and leasing services.
Writer - ‘Aloha’ Eddy Line..
A personal email newsletter about the business world, my travels, my clients, my life in Hawaii, and the spirit of Aloha, that is the essence of relationships and mutual respect and affection of others..
Books - Wrote and published: ‘Loves Life & Laughter’…..the highly enjoyable journey of Bill ‘Aloha’ Eddy


SHACC Supporter Spotlight

SHACC Curator Circle Member, Robert Hendrikson 
and SHACC Executive Director, Paul Strauch 

I am not sure of the exact date when I first heard about Surfing Heritage & Culture Center. At the time it was still the Foundation and it was probably 10 or 11 years ago when I was at Doheny for a Longboard Collectors meet. While touring the facility I was struck by the rooster of the Founding Members and wished that I had been a part of that effort. I was most impressed with Butch Van Artsdalen's presence on that list and quickly realized that the Surfing Heritage Foundation struck a cord with surfers from all walks of life: from Cecil Lear, one of the founders of the Eastern Surfing Association, and now a retired New York City executive from the publishing world to Butch Van Artsdalen, a saver of lives as a lifeguard in Hawaii and one of the greatest switch foot surfers of all time.

Surfing Heritage has grown in all the right directions. I believe this is because the members recognize its importance to the surfing culture and community, and are mostly humble in their support and service. I bodysurf with Cecil Lear every morning when we can get together during the summer. We often discuss the importance of being connected to the West Coast through our bond with Surfing Heritage, as well as visions for the future.

My own journey in the water began on the New Jersey shore when my parents brought me to the beach in my crib soon after I was born. I grew up in the water from that point on. I taught myself to mat surf and bodysurf before the age of 9. I had no mentors as neither my brother, nor my father cared much for the ocean. I lived in Orange, California with my parents and brother for one year in 1960 and got my first experience with board surfing at Huntington Beach. I was hooked.

We moved back to New Jersey where I picked up board surfing a few years later when I had saved up enough to buy my first board, a Hobie longboard, from Manatee surf shop in Belmar. We lived 10 miles from the ocean, so I would either hitch hike to the beach with someone who could fit the board into a station wagon or truck, or leave the board at a friend's house in Point Pleasant and then bike it to the beach. I spent summers lifeguarding and surfing. After I got my drivers license, beach access was expanded immensely. Remember, those were the days when surfers were considered outlaws. I was nearly arrested for walking over someone's property while leaving the beach with my board. Surfing was usually done before 9 am when we would be whistled out of the water or arrested. Thanks to men like Cecil Lear, some towns along the Jersey shore are now designated surfing-only on certain beaches.

There is no other experience that comes close to sitting outside the break on a surfboard or treading water while bodysurfing and looking at the shore from nature's perspective with the feelings that "only a surfer knows".


Robert Hendrikson